Where Have You Been All My HS Life, WOTH?

Okay, I know I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to updating this blog, and one reason is definitely because I am just too lazy to actually write something. However, I just can’t let it pass! WOTH has fully captivated my heart! How did that happen?

So, I found the movie and watched it because it’s Ghibli and I just finished Kiki’s Delivery Service (so I am expecting some whimsical plot again) and a few minutes into WOTH where Shizuku was following that snobbish neko, I stopped the video and said “Okay, I think I watched this na. This is the story about cats talking and getting betrothed to a human HS girl.” I am obviously talking about The Cat Returns and I am seriously not a fan of it (didn’t even finished it, should I tho?)

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Summer Trekking and Camping in Manolo Fortich

Hello world!

I’ve always wanted to go on a trekking and camping adventure. But you’ll probably hate me when I tell you why.

You see, I am a typical millennial, trapped in a highly delusional world where “good life” and “success” are solely based on how you present yourself on your social media profile. Okay, let’s not get too deep about this. Hahaha. You probably already understood what I meant.

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