YA Romance Books – Why I Love Them So Much!

I love YA books! I mean, I love reading books but YA books are just my thing! Their effect on me is just tremendous – they make me shed a tear, laugh out loud, and get extremely kilig! (Guess what, I am currently hoarding romantic YA books). I can’t really remember the first YA book I’ve read, but after reading tons of stories from this genre, it is just amazing how I never get enough of it.

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Manolo Fortich, A History

(Yes, I am making HP references here. Is it obvious now that I am a Potterhead?)

So, I was staying late surfing the net when I came across an incredibly neat history summary of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon AKA my HOMETOWN.

It all started when I came across an   FB post recognizing WWII veterans. My late Lolo Dodong (Teodoro Lahayon) was also a WWII veteran, and it suddenly dawned me that I never had the chance to talk to him about WWII. We were really close (that’s why I remembered), unfortunately, he died when I was only six years old, and I was still clueless about the whole WWII thingy.Read More »

Nummies Sweet Shop – The Best Confectionery Spree in CDO

Are you one of those people who have insatiable craving for sweets? Then, try visiting Cagayan de Oro’s newest confectionery shop offering delectable sweets and pastries that you will certainly love. From cakes, ice creams, shakes, milk teas, ice cream sandwiches and other sweet pastries, Nummies has a wide variety of sweets that you can choose from; if you are not that into sweets, no worries, they also offer various kinds of pasta that are cooked to perfection.Read More »

The Summer Project: Cagayan de Oro City Food Trip

Summer, they say, is meant to be spent chasing adventures and discovering new places. But with two jobs and a baby to take care, it’s just impossible for me to spend the rest of the dog days being carefree (SAD ADULT LIFE).

However, even if I am stuck working for the whole summer, I still managed to have an exciting sunny season. Together with my sisters and my husband, we went to Camiguin Island last May, and before the start of the class, the whole family had an overnight stay in Seaside Bible Camp (Opol, Misamis Oriental).Read More »