The Girl From Manolo

2016. Kampo Juan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Why That Girl from Manolo?

Because I am proud to be from Manolo Fortich. I love my hometown so much that I couldn’t bear the thoughts of leaving it.During my sophomore year in high school, my family relocated to Talacogon, Agusan del Sur, and of course, I also had to transfer to a new school. It was during that time that I get to learn how to commute, how to make friends, how to depend on myself, and how to blend in a new environment (Sorry, I didn’t learn how to cook during that time). Looking back, I would really say that transferring to a new school really had a huge impact in my life. I also had some of the best high school memories there (the craziest, the funniest, and the saddest). But apart from that, it was only during that time that I got branded as THE GIRL FROM MANOLO.

Most of my classmates seriously have no idea where Manolo Fortich was, and I don’t blame them because I also had no idea where Agusan del Sur until I relocated there. 😀 So, the moment I introduced myself to the class, I became THE GIRL FROM MANOLO. Even up to the present, some of my classmates there would teasingly call me with that name. And that is why, today, I’ve decided to use this name as the title of my blog. (Finally! After gazillion of years, I had the guts and THE TIME to start my own blog).

Basically, this blog will showcase some of the poems that I’ve made and my personal opinions about pressing stuff. I will also be sharing tips on how to manage your time as a working momma. So that’s it! I hope that you find my blog informative and fun to read!

That Girl from Manolo,



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