The Summer Project: Cagayan de Oro City Food Trip

Summer, they say, is meant to be spent chasing adventures and discovering new places. But with two jobs and a baby to take care, it’s just impossible for me to spend the rest of the dog days being carefree (SAD ADULT LIFE).

However, even if I am stuck working for the whole summer, I still managed to have an exciting sunny season. Together with my sisters and my husband, we went to Camiguin Island last May, and before the start of the class, the whole family had an overnight stay in Seaside Bible Camp (Opol, Misamis Oriental).

Apart from these two family outings, there’s also another thing that I did the whole season just to make my summer worthwhile and memorable. Can you guess what I did? Yup! CAFÉ HOPPING!

Cagayan de Oro City has plenty of cafés, restos, food bars, and snack shops, and I’ve always wanted to visit as I many can. Unfortunately, I was working home-based most of the time, and CDO is just quite far from Manolo (Jk! It’s only 30 kms away but one word: TRAFFIC). During the last week of April, however, due to the frequent “unscheduled” blackouts in Manolo, I decided to go back to the office and work there for the meantime, or else, I’d be buried with hundreds of unfinished articles. For 1 month and 3 weeks, I stayed in Cagayan de Oro with my sister.

And so, my FOOD ADVENTURE starts.

Since I am not made of money and I do not have enough time, I cannot really check out all the cafés in CDO. So, I picked those places that are affordable and  popular among Kagay-anons.


Chingkeetea is absolutely such a popular hang-out in the city, and despite having been invited by several friends to check out this artistic café in Divisoria, it was my first time to visit and try their tea and foods last May. I was completely amazed at Chingkeetea’s interior; the entire place is undeniably an artist’s paradise. Everything, from the tables, down to the spiraling staircase on the exit door is absolutely decorated creatively. Apart from that, the foods they served were affordable and delicious! I also got addicted with their Mango Fruit tea!

Chingkeetea Carbonara and Spaghetti
We ordered pasta because I am so fond of them. The mango fruit tea is really addicting, I tell you.
Caffe La Tea

Located just across Chingkeetea, Caffe La Tea is also one of the places I frequented during my stay in CDO. Together with my sister, we first discovered Caffe La Tea during one of our evening strolls. It was like 9 or 10 in the evening and I was craving for Chingkeetea’s Mango Fruit tea, unfortunately, the café has already closed (they close a little too early), so we went instead to Caffe La Tea. The ambiance there was  cozy and relaxing; it’s absolutely the perfect place for a tete-a-tete. Their foods are quite pricey (Php 150 and above) but it’s all worth it. And although I find Chingkeetea’s mango fruit tea more addicting, Caffe La Tea’s fruit tea is also a WINNUH!  I visited this place like 4 times.

Cheesy Nachos at Caffe La Tea
Nachos – such a BOMB!

Venti Mango Fruit Tea at Caffe La Tea-CDO
Here’s Caffe La Tea’s legendary fruit tea. I always ordered a venti.

Caffe La Tea Creamy Carbonara-CDO
Equally delicious creamy carbonara with my Venti Mango Fruit Tea (I really am addicted with this one)

I am not really into sweets. I do not like eating cakes, desserts, and ice creams, but two nights before going home to Manolo and working home-based again, my friends invited me and my sister to join them at Nummies. The place, with its pastel hues, laid-back settings, and famous cake jars, is undeniably one of the best sweet shops in the city. Their servings are also big, so you can really share it with your friends. I ordered their banana split but I wasn’t able to finish it up. (Again, I am not a dessert-lover.  )

Banana Split at Nummies
My sister and I tried these two treats at Nummies. We weren’t able to finish it. 😥
Bean Voyage

My BFF Amber (also my food buddy during my entire stay in CDO) heard that a new café has just opened in Pabayo St., so the following day, we checked the place. Our plan was to bring our work there, and yes, it’s a pretty nice place to make as an extension of your workplace because 1.) the Wi-Fi is really fast and 2.) smelling coffee is just so energizing. Bean Voyage’s space, however, is just too small. It can’t accommodate barkada chismisan or kamustahan sessions.

Bean Voyage-CDO
I wasn’t able to take a picture of the carbonara I’ve ordered (too hungry to think about that). Opted for a mala-stolen pose instead courtesy of Amber
99 Ranch

What’s a food adventure without visiting restos offering Eat-all-you-can deals? 99 Ranch is just one of the many places in CDO that have joined the eat-all-you-can craze. Situated in Tomas Saco St., 99 Ranch is always jam-packed from lunchtime until dinner time, and I can’t blame them. With their affordable buffet meal which serves delicious foods, this place is absolutely swarmed by Kagay-anons.

Roy’s Bistro

I’ve been to Roy’s Bistro in Malaybalay, so I am literally not a first-timer there. What I love most about this resto is that it offers delish food at an affordable price. With its bright orange trademark color, Roy’s Bistro is just an amazing place to eat-out with friends and families. If you have a thing for slow food, you might want to check this out.

To sum up my summer season, I’d say I gained more weight but I definitely had a blast during my 1-month stay in CDO. To more food trips!




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