To That One “Friend”


It used to be great.

We laughed, shared silly stories, gushed over boys, and talked about our dreams.

We also had our share of fights and misunderstanding,

But we’ve managed to patch things.

And then we grew up,

And then we sought different paths,

And then  we grew apart.

But it wasn’t me who made it happen.

It was you all along.

Since day 1 I’ve tried to understand.

Your complex personality

Your tantrums

Your unfair reasoning.

Then I had enough.

I’ve realized that true friends shouldn’t shove their friends away

That true friends don’t get jealous if something good is happening with their friend’s life.

That you should be supportive and not just make everything about you.

That no matter what happened, you will always try to work things out, and not just let the other person work alone.

And then I made the right choice.

I drifted myself far from you.

Far from your negativity.

Far from your self-centeredness.

Far from any harsh word you may hurl at me.

Far from anything related to you.

I know, we’re still friends.

I won’t let our memories get wasted.

We still get to hang out once in a while.

You can still casually call me up.

But it will never be the same.

Distancing myself was the best decisions I’ve made.


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