YA Romance Books – Why I Love Them So Much!

I love YA books! I mean, I love reading books but YA books are just my thing! Their effect on me is just tremendous – they make me shed a tear, laugh out loud, and get extremely kilig! (Guess what, I am currently hoarding romantic YA books). I can’t really remember the first YA book I’ve read, but after reading tons of stories from this genre, it is just amazing how I never get enough of it.

I recently attended our high school reunion and I got a chance to talk to my classmate who also loved books. We shared book recommendations and ended up discussing how awesome YA books are with cheesy plot and their unpredictable (most of the time heartbreaking but close to reality) endings. We also discussed how reading YA novels make us feel young all over again (We are technically young tho.)

And this made me decide to write about the things that I think make this genre extremely addictive.

Realistic Take On First Loves

First loves aren’t really meant to last forever, right? They are meant to teach us lessons and let us experience how it’s like to fall in love – to feel love and be loved – and how it feels to have a broken heart. (You are lucky if you ended up marrying your first love!)

This is what I love about romantic YA novels. Its take about first love is very realistic. It’s either the main characters don’t end up together or the author gives us a vague ending. I always asked myself if it is possible for Park and Eleanor (Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park) to get back together? Or if Ellie and Graham (This Is What Happy Looks Like) would soon consider making efforts just to be together.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Another thing that I like about reading YA books is that at one point of the story, you absolutely get to relate and remember your own experiences as a teenager. Yes, it’s a teenager’s book but even adults can relate to it.

It makes you remember how you felt when you fell in love for the time, that awkward and cheesy convo you and your first crush shared, your first kiss, and even how it felt when your first love did not go right at all. Bottomline: it makes you remember the youth in you.

It makes you relate to how awkwardly similar you and the main characters are back in the days.

Great Life Lessons

First, they teach us that first love isn’t always meant to last. Second, they teach us that we’ll all be laughing about the pain we had in the past. Third, they teach us that life goes on, everything is temporary.

YA books aren’t just cheesy “teenager” books. They are meaningful, and just like any other books, they always leave beautiful thoughts and memories in our hearts. ❤



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