Five Sure Signs That You Are 100% Pinoy

Are you a Pinoy? Or do you have any Pinoy friends or colleagues? Then you can totally relate to this one.

It is no doubt that Filipinos are among the jolliest people on Earth. Our positivity and sense of humor are just so intense that we basically manage to laugh and smile regardless of what life throws at us. (Yes! That’s 100% for sure).

But we aren’t talking about Filipino resilience today. Instead, we want to stress out five easy ways on how to spot a Pinoy. Why? Here’s why:

Having been colonized by different nations in the past (which also resulted in interracial marriages), Filipinos have mixed blood flowing in our veins. This is the reason why foreigners would sometimes have a hard time pinpointing Pinoys from the rest of the world. Yes, we’re Asian but we have Latin-sounding last names such as Cruz, Gonzales, and Santos. Some of us look like Chinese while some can be mistaken as Indians, Mexicans, and Japanese.

But no matter how unique the appearances of Pinoys, there are still a lot of subtle hints that will give our nationality away. Today, we’ve listed some of the basic ways to know that a person is 100% Pinoy, here they are:

Rice is Life


Admit it, people in the house! We can’t live without rice. That’s why we bantered a lot on social media when a lady senator suggested banningNLI RICE among restaurants. (Y u do this, Cynthia?)

Pinoys are voracious rice eaters. From breakfast to dinner, typical Filipino homes would really serve steamed rice in the dining table and pair it with different kinds of viand such as adobo, pritong isda, or sinigang just to name a few. Steamed rice is our staple meal; it is also our main source of carbohydrates, so the phrase “mawala na ang lahat, wag lang kanin” is really applicable to us Pinoys.

Sorry Cynthia Villar but unli Rice is life!

No Spoon and Fork? No Problem!

giphy (4)

Apart from being a die-hard steamed rice lover, another peculiar mannerism of a Pinoy is not using utensils (spoon and fork) when eating food. Filipinos actually love eating their meal using their hands because “it makes the food even more delicious.” While there’s no actual Science explanation proving that the food tastes better when you use your bare hand to eat it, for Filipinos, it makes the meal more fun.

Mapamahiin (Superstitious)

giphy (3)

Pinoys are extremely superstitious people, and that’s why when you befriend one, it’s just impossible not to hear them share their beliefs, which other people might really consider ridiculous. Take for example, did you know that it is considered unlucky for a woman to fit her wedding gown days before her wedding. Another thing, did you know that in the Philippines, if an unattached female sings while cooking, that means she would stay single forever? That is completely absurd, right? But most Pinoys, especially the elders are really sure about this.

Always Late

giphy (2)

Pinoys are almost never punctual when it comes to gathering or attending meetings or anything that requires time. As a matter of fact, we already came up with a name for it – Filipino Time – which is always late for a few minutes or hours. So when you are planning to dine out with your Pinoy friends, it is already expected that they arrive either 30 minutes late or an hour late.

And here’s what we always say when someone asks us “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”

giphy (1)

The Last Piece Standing

giphy (7)

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all noticed this one. Pinoys have this peculiar behavior to leave the last piece of the food, and nobody would literally take it and eat it. Let’s say you brought a box of pizza with you and everyone’s taking slices after slices of pizza, but when there are only two or one pieces left, surprisingly, no one would take it.

I’ve thought about this for a long time and there are a lot of possible explanations for this behavior. And for me, it’s basically because we are modest. We don’t want the last piece for ourselves. Even if we are too hungry and we really crave for another bite, we always wait for other people to have a dive with the remaining food. Because maybe, they are hungrier than you. See? We are just totally adorbs and generous.

giphy (6)

And while a lot of people think nowadays that a person’s race or ethnic heritage doesn’t matter anymore, it is still important that we learn to be aware of the uniqueness of our culture as Filipinos. Mabuhay ang Las Islas Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Unli Rice!



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