Why I Don’t Sympathize Those Who Only Cry

You get hurt, you cry.
You get frustrated, you cry.
You get broken, you cry.
That’s pretty natural.
It’s a normal reflex when you feel weak, helpless, unwanted, and crushed.


Crying won’t solve your problem.
Crying won’t make you whole.
Crying won’t mend your soul, and your heart.
You shed a tear, and that’s all.
Nothing will change.

So, don’t just cry.
Cry, but do something about it too.
Do something for yourself.
Cry, but think about becoming life’s winner.
Don’t be the loser of the story.
Cry, but try changing your destiny.
You can’t stay on the ground too long.
Cry, but take the time to reflect.

Learn from your mistakes.
Forgive. Forget. Let go.
Heal, and be better.
Take action.


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