#DiscoverLocalHangouts – Del Monte Clubhouse

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon is known as Northern Mindanao’s Adventure Capital. Thanks to the rapid boom of adventure tourism in Dahilayan and Dicklum, tourists from all parts of the world are getting encouraged to explore our peaceful and scenic town.
But before these adventure parks became part of Manolo Fortich, there is one thing that the town is famous for – and that’s none other than Del Monte Golf Course and Clubhouse – which is located at Kawayanon in San Miguel.

Del Monte Golf Course and Country Club is one of the country’s finest and golf courses in the Philippines. It was first built in 1928, featuring an 18-hole course that is perfect for an all-weather game. And while the golf course is a private club, guests and visitors are always welcome to swing by at Del Monte Clubhouse and enjoy delicious foods and relaxing ambiance (lots of greens).


Last Tuesday, my friends and I decided to give Del Monte Clubhouse a try. (We know, we call Manolo Fortich our home, but we have still a lot of places to discover. #discoverlocal). We haven’t updated our #DiscoverLocalHangouts plan since last year after Boyet left for Manila, and since he is back for a week, we decided to resume it.

So, for those who want to also try Del Monte Clubhouse, here is our verdict:

The Location

This is the entrance of Del Monte Clubhouse (diba, nasa labas palang Instagrammable na!)
Del Monte Clubhouse’s location is absolutely accessible, whether you are local or not. As what we have said, even though we are locals of Manolo, this is our first time to check the resto. Coming from Manolo Fortich proper, we rode a multi-cab and stopped at San Miguel, we then rode a habal-habal and asked our driver to drop us at Clubhouse. There’s a multi-cab route that covers Manolo Fortich proper to Phillips, and you can also choose that for convenience to avoid stopping at San Miguel, but we were really in a hurry that time, so we just hopped into the first cab that is going to San Miguel.
If you are coming from CDO and commuting in public transpo, you can ride a jeepney or bus going to Manolo Fortich and stop at San Miguel.

The Ambiance



Aside from the green and well-kept grass surrounding the golf course, the moment you enter Del Monte Clubhouse, you’ll feel like you have been transported to the American era.


Eating outside, because Millennial things. XD

The exterior and interior structure of the whole place will take you back to the old times. The restaurant is pretty spacious but instead of taking our seats inside, we preferred to stay outside for a more “Instagram-worthy” view. (Millennial problems). And we weren’t disappointed, even though the weather is a bit gloomy, the place still looked totally AMAZING!

After eating, we made an impromptu (di talaga prepared ha) photoshoot:


The Food

Now, all three of us are not really food connoisseur, we prefer having long and hearty talks whenever we are together instead of spending hours debating on how awesome the food is, or how terrible it is.

We ordered breakfast combo (check the menu below), and after series of discussion, we also ordered their famed Wagyu, just to give it a try. #DiscoverLocalWagyus


And so, we can say that the food was great, the wagyu tasted heaven, and we had so much fun with our bonding.

Here is the menu at Del Monte Clubhouse:


To more #discoverlocalhangouts!


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