Hello, Feb 28!

It’s magical how time flies so quickly, and yet you don’t feel it until you think deeply about it. (Did I make sense here?)

Imagine, it’s February 28! 2 months have passed since New Year, and yet a part of me still thinks that the Holiday shenanigan was just a few days ago.Read More »


Where Locals Eat and Hang-out in Manolo Fortich (Tankulan)

Manolo Fortich is famous for several adventure parks and farm resorts,like Dahilayan Adventure Park and Kampo Juan. But these spots are for tourists – and for us locals – we seldom visit these places.

So, where can you see us – the friendly locals?

Good question!

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You Are Not the Sun, Stop Acting Like You’re the Center of the Solar System!

This is a rant.

A rant for people who basically think that the world revolves around them. Someone needs to slap them with the reality and tell them the truth that they are not the center of the universe, or in this case, the center of the solar system. It could be your friend (or ex-friend), or it could someone who is really part of your squad. It’s still not too late to break the news and help them realize that it is important to also think about others. Sorry, but it’s not always about you.Read More »